Between Worlds
B5th - 30th September, 7.30, at the Union Theatre

Less than an hour ago you drove your car at approximately 100 miles per hour into a tree…………..

Welcome to the Two Worlds Hotel. We hope you enjoy your stay!  

Colin, thirty something, too afraid to commit to anything or anyone because the only future he can see is his inevitable end . He is Intent on drowning his career at the bottom of a whisky bottle and driving hard and fast on the highway of self-destructive hedonism. How long before he crashes and destroys everything?

Suddenly he arrives at a hotel between worlds, where a series of bizarre companions take him on a journey of self-discovery: The Magus, fortune teller extraordinaire, Jessie a bawdy cleaner, The Chairman of some board or other, the mysterious Dr S and Laura……..Laura……..

What does Colin really discover about life and love during his stay Between Worlds and will he ever get a second chance?

Melmoth is proud to present the UK premiere of Eric Emmanuel Schmitt's hit play, Between Worlds.

5th to 30th September, 2006.

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