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About the plays

Two plays, set in England and Germany, with the events taking place over the same three nights. As the stakes are raised, fifteen children, thousands of miles apart discover together the true meaning of friendship, love - and what it is to be truly human.

Stay With Me (This Is My Story)

23 January 1945. It's cold. Very cold. The children in 5B47D are starving. But they have each other. They have each other because they are Jewish. When Blieta, a young Sinti girl, is thrown into their concentration camp dormitory, she sparks off rivalries that question the alliances made, and throws into doubt the survival of the children present.

Stay With Me (That Lovely Land)

23 January 1945. A stray bomb hits a school in the South of England trapping six children in its cellar. Noone knows they're there and time is running out. Slipping in and out of the past, Daisy revisits the night she grew up. She's been doing it every night in her dreams for the past sixty years. But tonight is different. Because tonight Daisy is going home.

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